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Write New Registration/Purchases to Forum

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I thought I remember a plugin/extension that would write a new user registration (or better, a Commerce purchase) to a forum.  Does anyone know of anything that does this?  

The use case is simply that:  I want to write the data from a new purchase to a specified forum.  Why?  To make a non-email record and notification of the event for our records.  

Thanks for any insight on this...

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I could *really* use Commerce purchase → topic post functionality.

Use case, typical:

  1. Purchase a boxed lunch store item for an upcoming event. "Choose your bread, filling, and dressing."
  2. Post "bradl" has purchased a boxed lunch: sourdough, ham, aioli to Box Lunch Reservations topic in Events forum.

Has to pass Custom Fields, that's the whole point 🙂 

Current notifications for Commerce doesn't cut the mustard 😛 for us — admin gets a copy of the detailed invoice the customer gets, but the event coordinator only gets "somebody purchased a boxed lunch" but no indication what they bought. For event planning there may be several people needing reservation information and having the custom fields posted to a topic would be very helpful.

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