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Zapier post formatting

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Sorry about all the questions — now that a jotform → IPS post trigger is basically working I'm trying to make some display improvements in the posted topic.

I'm trying to get the simplest form input type on the jotform side that will translate line breaks to the created post on the IPS side. 

Textarea: mapping the form textarea to post content strips out all line breaks in the post. 

Back to testing basic textarea.

This is on a separate line

as textarea input, with zap formatting

  • 37957840_triggersetup.png.67d5ae33c7c56ac585ebc8b4dea1b56c.png 


  • testing.png.20af1ec7dfb37b26fb3612ae46a1f173.png

The jotform submission log and notification emails preserve the line breaks as entered. I feel like I need a "|raw" somewhere 🙂 

TinyMCE: test submissions using Tiny MCE as the message content field seem to preserve line breaks and indeed all formatting during testing. I get excited! But once I enable the zap and deploy the form, the incoming message field is empty. 

CK / Squire editors:  these seem to pass encoded content of some kind, and results in an empty field content for the post. 


Any tips for getting formatted post body content? 

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Would still like to get formatted text (at least line breaks) into the generated post.

Following up with another question in addition to missing line breaks in post content: in setting up the zap on the invision task, I set the to be post Hidden Status thusly:


However when the post is created it is in the approval queue instead of approved+hidden as expected. For my purposes I can live with this but thought it possibly worth mentioning.


 Perhaps I have some moderation setup incorrect. I do get confused with moderator groups vs moderator staff etc. 😛  

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It appears in Jotform notifications, submissions and whatnot to be passed as a [p] with [br] line breaks. The rich text setting passes a series of [div]s.

I haven't tried email as an action (don't see it listed as an available Invision action).   Since the rich text workflow seems functional, I think I'd call it solved, for my needs anyway. 


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