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Ability to configure database display order in Pages

Gabriel Torres

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I wish we had a way to specify the order of the databases displayed in the Search and in the +Post features of the community. Currently, there is no way to specify the order we want them to be displayed, so they are listed according to the primary_id_field. I wanted to change the order, so the most used/popular databases are listed at the top and the least used/popular are listed at the bottom of these lists. Examples:



In these two places, I wanted to change the order of the databases.

Proposed solution

A new 'order' field in the databases.

In the ACP > Pages > Databases screen, the databases would have the drag & drop reordering feature that is present in several other places in the ACP (e.g. ACP > Pages > Blocks).

Wherever in the front-end that databases are to be displayed, they would follow the same order set in the ACP.

I hope you can implement this.



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