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Achievement system -Current points status


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Wondering about the achievement system,
How do members know how many calculated points they achieved until now? why it's not presented on side profile for example? it's only logical. I wanted to set an achievement point goal on my site for accessing some forum areas, but there was no way for the user to know his current user's point - i can see only how many points remain to the next goal.

  • user can see the reputation(likes) current point in the green square profile, but not the current calculated achievement point.Is it possible at all?
  • Is is possible to promote group based on their calculated achievement point status?


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There is no way in which to see the current points at present. The idea of the system is for members to be less focused on numbers and more on achievements created by the admin. There is no way in which to promote based on the achievement system at present. Of course, this is the first rendition of the achievement system, and there will be additions and changes as we move through versions, so I have moved your ticket to our suggestions are so these can be considered.

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