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Wireframe theme IPS

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Guys, hello everyone!
Can someone tell me or share. In general, I want to draw a new design for my community, but I can't find which grid to use for fluid layout and which for fixed layout. Can anyone have or have seen a mockup, prototype template / theme for the IPS?

There are probably theme designers or developers here. I would be very grateful if you share 🙏

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1 hour ago, Elhombre said:

@Jimi Wikman 

Thanks! Do I understand correctly that all themes are developed directly in the IPS in developer mode, and not drawn in graphic editors, and then typeset?

That is, it turns out that I now need to develop the wareframe myself. I looked, the average width is 1300-1310px

It depends on the theme designer 🙂

I tend to do mockups just for reference before I code, but that is about it 🙂

I don't do commercial skis though, just for personal use 🙂

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