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Redirect plug-in for user group's

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Hello everyone,

I need to create a plugin that redirects individually based on the user group and product purchased.


I found a great redirect plugin but its missing a couple of key features that I need and I am sure it would help many other community managers.


need a plugin that allows me multiple/unlimited and individual redirections based on the user group. A classic plugin will allow to select multiple groups but all of them at once to be redirected to a certain page. I need that each user group or a selection of user groups can be redirected to a certain page. Right now, you select one or more groups and the redirection is the same for all of them. I need group 1 to url 1, group2/3 to URL 2, etc.

Redirection based on purchase of a product.

Is there way to create a redirection based on the product purchased? IPS hasn't thought about that. Often times, different products requires redirecting a user to a page where that specific page is described. There is no way to do that. 

This is the plug-in I found


Look forward to hearing from you


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