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Remove sidebar advertisement from Pages

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Hi all,

I am running a sidebar advertisement on all my community, but I dont whant to show it in some specific Pages (for "Pages" I mean webpages designed with Pages Builder in Pages App).

Actually, the target is to don't show the sidebar at all in these pages. Sidebar is showing only because of the running adv.

Any quick solution?

Maybe we can insert a "non content" tag in these pages, given that adv are not showed in non content pages by deafult?

Thank you all!

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I'm using a plugin that was made for some IPS previous version, but it has survived the upgrades up until 4.5 at least, which is what I'm using now. All it does is to hide the sidebars on Pages, and you can select which ones you wish to hide.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it's available any longer. The name (and it looks it has always been missing some language string) is hidesidebarsrecords


But I can't remember who made it. It was on the Marketplace once upon a time. @Fosters has one app or plugin that allows you to show sidebars on some pages and not others. I assume it may do the same trick. (Maybe mine is an earlier version of the one below but I'm not sure at all)

As I said, you'll need to check with the author whether this one does the same as my plugin.

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