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Images not showing in emails from my forum to gmail

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I never see images in emails from my sire and they are definitely on the server.

For example the logo at the top left of the email links to here:


Which clearly works on the link below without the caching url from google.


This is how the emails are looking:


But they should look like this:


Its really bugging me!!

Has anyone else had any problems with this and if so how did you fix it?

Thanks 🙂 👍

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Google and their wisdom are making it harder for people to leech off of them. I cannot say I blame. If you're setting up e-mails, you really should not depend on Google cache.

Another thing you should know. Gmail is testing a new "feature" concerning ad-blocking. If you see broken e-mails while using Gmail, have you tried to disable your ad-blocker?

Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 20-59-27 Error 404 (Not Found) 1.png

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