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"Non warning" warnings

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Yeah, I know, great title, right...? I just don't know how to better explain it.

Our community has the "Users must acknowledge issued warnings before posting again?" option ticked, because we're very strict in regards to following our community guidelines and rules. However, we've also set up one of the warnings as an no-points anonymous management message to a member for times when we want to tell a member something like "we've edited your thread's title" (ahem ahem... 😛) and don't want them to be intimidated by the "YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, BOY!" popup and the "you must acknowledge..." banner (which some new member just miss altogether and send support requests saying they can't post).

Is there a way to have one (or some) of the warnings not require acknowledgment, or have it a per-warning toggle?
If there isn't, can you make it so? 

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