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Please ban the user "Banned-User-Test" (see details)

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Please forgive the odd request, but if someone within the Invision would be so kind as to please active and then ban the user account @Banned-User-Test that would be most helpful.  It is my sincere intention to test the community from a banned user perspective. I like to be thorough when testing a new product in development.

Thank you in advance for indulging my particularly eccentric request.

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1 hour ago, Ryan Ashbrook said:

That's fair - however, I should note that the handling of banned members has not changed between the two versions.

I am sure the handling of the privacy settings has not changed either, but that hasn't stopped my online status from changing on its own. With respect, bugs happen. They are not intentional, and no one means for them to come to pass.

4.6 is currently a public alpha here on the live support site. Before it reaches a public beta, I intended to be helpful and perhaps a little useful in tracking down all that I can. It is something I generally love doing during my free time (test pre-release software). Everyone has to have a hobby, right? 

I had presumed to do so (here) would be welcomed as it could aid in releasing a more stable product once completed. But I am gathering you see my request as a bit unusual, and I do apologize. 

Thanks for the follow-up. And as always, for your time and consideration. 😀

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