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Featured Blogs list with Image?

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I am making a new home page for my site and I want to have a section with "latest featured blog posts". SOUNDS simple, but I'm finding that I am in need of basically a hybrid of two existing features and I'm not sure how I can fix it so that I have what I need.

If I use the "Blog Entries" block, I can filter to just Featured blog posts - perfect! But... I don't seem to have access to the header image that each blog post gets:



What I WANT is this:



I LITERALLY want the above, which is the default blog display if you go to the /blogs page. That would be PERFECT for display on my home page. But I can't seem to get that image. If I use the "Blogs" block it looks like this:



But the "Blogs" block can't be filtered to just the Featured articles.


I literally just want the second image up there, but just those articles that are Featured by the staff on the site, so we can curate what shows up on the home page.

Is there a simple way to get there that I'm just missing?

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