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Topic Creator Can Only View/Reply Their Own Topics?

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Hello Invision Community!

I have a quick question on some specific viewing functionality for a scenario:

  1. A user in "Member Group A" uses a Form that creates a Topic in Forum 1
  2. Members of "Member Group B" can view and reply to this Topic and others created by members of "Member Group A"
  3. Is it possible to define this in a way so that users in "Member Group A" can only see and reply to their specific topics and not others of Member Group A?

I tried to achieve this by using the following Forum setting toggle which works great to only see your own topics BUT this applies to ALL users (sans Mods and Admin).

Is it possible to achieve the above in some way so that Member Group A can post and then reply/view to their own but all users in Member Group B can reply/view to all the topics in the same forum?


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8 hours ago, Morrigan said:

I’m confused. Are you looking to have a forum that everyone can see read the topics but only the original poster and mods/admins can reply to?

Sorry no, let me try to explain.

Member Group A can NOT see any forum posts/topics except for their own and can reply to their own. Member Group B can see ALL forum posts/topics and reply to any. Is this possible in some way?

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