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Reasoning for limiting Messenger Storage?

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Just wanted to check; by default users are limited to 100 stored private message conversations. Is there a specific reason for this, or would I be fine to open it up to unlimited without incurring extra fees or otherwise slowing down the site or something? I realize I could technically monetize more messages by giving a higher storage limit to subscribers, but I don't want to limit my users in that way if I can help it.

Any insight into this feature would be appreciated!

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It depends. Do you allow image or file attachments?

Each message will take space on your database. So, depending on the number of members, how much private messages are used, and whether or not attachments are enabled, you may have serious impacts if you choose not to limit it.

Also, consider limiting the number of new conversations a single member might start in a given day. Imagine if someone registered an account and then tried to send a message to as many members as possible letting them know about an exciting business opportunity, or about difficulties moving wealth out of a certain country and offering them a chance to make some cash while helping royalty escape terrible geopolitical conditions.

There are lots of factors to consider, and only you know what's right for your community.

Edit: To be clear, attachments will have a size impacts according to your file storage settings. The messages/conversations reside in the database.

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