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Temporary file storage for CMS (Pages) block generated file


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Over the years I've had a CMS(Pages) block that generates a JPG of last 40 avatars posting to site.  I've used a PHP block that regenerates based on the age of the saved temporary file as it involves a lot of fetching of avatar files each time it runs.  Originally I could also have set the cache time of the block really long and just rerun, but no longer...


The file was generated using PHP GD as  imagejpeg($destimg,filepath);

All this on hosted services.  Years ago there was access to the directory structure and I just picked a place for the temp file.  Then I had to change to using a file in "uploads" directory as hosted no longer had access to the directories.  Recently this too has broken I suspect because of hosting's move to s3 storage for files.

So.... Anyone know how I can write and read a temporary file on the current version of software (hosted) from a Pages PHP block ?


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You would need to use the framework methods for storing and retrieving files.

$file = \IPS\File::create( "core_Theme", $filename, $fileData );
print $file->url;
	 * Create File
	 * @param	string		$storageExtension	Storage extension
	 * @param	string		$filename			Filename
	 * @param	string|null	$data				Data (set to null if you intend to use $filePath)
	 * @param	string|null	$container			Key to identify container for storage
	 * @param	boolean		$isSafe				This file is safe and doesn't require security checking
	 * @param	string|null	$filePath			Path to existing file on disk - Filesystem can move file without loading all of the contents into memory if this method is used
	 * @param	bool		$obscure			Controls if an md5 hash should be added to the filename
	 * @return	\IPS\File
	 * @throws	\DomainException
	 * @throws	\RuntimeException
	public static function create( $storageExtension, $filename, $data=NULL, $container=NULL, $isSafe=FALSE, $filePath=NULL, $obscure=TRUE )


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