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I've been using constructLoadQuery to add table joins for member and group data without any problems but this won't work with the forums database. I assume due to the node permissions.

Is there a work around for this or should I just use get_fieldname and cache my database queries? (I've got several fields in the table I want to join with forum data.)

    protected static function constructLoadQuery( $id, $idField, $extraWhereClause )
        /* Get parent contruct query */
        $parentDB = parent::constructLoadQuery( $id, $idField, $extraWhereClause );

        /* Add our custom join */
        $parentDB->join( 'basicpoints_forums', 'basicpoints_forums.forum_id=forums_forums.id' );

        /* Return all */
        return $parentDB;
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What is the MySQL error? It might just be a case of using arrays and parenthesis.

I've often been tripped up with the difference between:

$extraWhereClause = array( 'foo=?', $foo );


$extraWhereClause = array( array( 'foo=?', $foo ) );

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