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Has anyone installed (DP45) Referrals System by DawPi?

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My site keeps looping and times out. (Redirected too many times)

DawPi is trying to help, but the responses are very slow, and I want to get this up by new years.

Here are my screenshots:



Daw's reply was "The Registration URL is wrong" but no additional information.

I'm hoping someone here can quickly tell me what settings to change (and to what) so I don't have wait a half day between communication.  (Yes, I know it's the holiday season so I am not placing blame - just asking for help).


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11 minutes ago, DawPi said:

I told you - why you are using my app as a register page to redirect? Leave default.

P.S. my 1-3hrs are slow? Hope you didnt bought someone else apps with one week - month replies!

I'm not complaining about your support - I've been buying your add ons for NINE years!  

So what do I change?  Remove the URL?  Set Allow New Registrations to what?


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