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email and funnels

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Goog day everyone,

I was wondering if there is a possibility, a tool or extension for Invision community that will allow me to automate the bulk emails.

I want to promote interaction amongst users. My web site is a learning platform and interaction of members is crucial for learning, so I need tools to send automated emails to users that haven't been active for a period of time, haven't posted more than X posts in a period of time and so on. 

I don't want to send a single email. Maybe 2-3 after X days. A sort of funneling. Is there a way to do that with an extension?

Anyone can also recommend how I can create a funnel of emails inside Invision? I read this functionality is not built-in and that tracking with external mass mail marketing software is very limited. Any recommendation on how to create a funnel of emails that will be sent to active or non-active users that would allow the tracking of all those emails?

Thanks a lot! Have a good day!

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