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Call use of Camrecorder and Recorder in-build


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When I using mobile phone reply, I can use CHOOSE FILES to call use of Camrecorder and recorder of voice in-build of my device, but the same action does not available for desktop, please could you add  this ability? I am try to set an e-learning environment with topic structure for the kids of our community. This is for an easy to release a task by teacher, then students can reply posting their homework using the video and voice features. With this ability will offer an easy choice to submit their homework, specially when we want to get more direct interacting result.

If ips team have interest in bring us this feature, I will request one more, add Restriction options. Admin can set each upload of video of voice restricted for 60 seconds (or the timing what admin want according the need and disk space available).

Or whatever type of solution, just leave this request to say at least ME, need video and voice features to improve our community collaboration and communication, text is already well developed and we need something more... 

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