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Question forum, tricky field


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Hi, so many time I try to use Questions forum to create a question, but I think the description field is unuseless... I have a question, I place my question in the title, then I don't know what I have to say in the description field.... 🐼 

As question is question, is possible give us option to disable the description field? 

If possible use text area field instead text field for title? 🤔 Then we don't call it as title, we can call it directly Question. User just write the question there and post it. 

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2 hours ago, Morrigan said:

Sometimes they require elaboration.

I found this is so little case  in our real world, whatever, I just request "the option" with admin and user experiences. While we learn to discover more details scenes, we learn to satisfy our real need with our ability of design, that is why we need more setup intelligent each time. 

My request is not about say no to other way if you don't want the change. 

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