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Merging posts removes "edited by" message


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I posted a reply to a thread, edited that post to add a very upset and vibrating Will Ferrell and provided an edit reason, and then created a new reply to quote @bfarber, a god amongst men.

The result is here:

Since the two replies were made within the "merge multiple replies into a single post" threshold, the two posts were merged.

This resulted in the message that showed that I had edited the post along with the timestamp of the edit vanished (though it shows "edited" at the top). From a UX perspective, I recommend showing the edited by user message when posts are merged. I would understand clearing out the reason (as there's a new edit, caused by merging), but the "edited by" message and timestamp should still appear I think.

Here I am making an edit....

sister belive GIF

New reply... merge, baby, merge...

Edited by Paul E.
Doing edity things.
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