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Access prior versions from Client Area


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I noticed today that accessing prior stable versions of the IPS platform is not possible from the Client Area. We store previous revisions in our source code repository, however I imagine some folks, especially at this time of transition, may be wanting to install 4.4.10 and not 4.5.1 Beta 1, which is listed as the current stable release. We obviously have different definitions of stable, yet from past experience with vBulletin, as an example, one could download the latest version of the files from each major revision along with any beta branches.

Throwing out this suggestion for others, and providing a bit of a cautionary tale. What are the avenues available to a client that has a web server failure, and needs to grab the 4.4.x branch to restore/isn't wanting to upgrade to 4.5? Support request and files are provided or are those folks forced into upgrading?

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