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Support test APIs for payment gateways with test keys


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A humble request that IPS consider adding configuration for test API keys for those payment gateways such as Stripe for use when the NEXUS_TEST_GATEWAYS constant is defined as true. See this post for additional context:

Doing so helps support automated testing of production data in a test install by allowing the definition in constants.php to trigger use of testing API interfaces. We had a scenario where we inadvertently charged a customer twice due to this not being documented as behavior when using certain payment gateways.

Looking at the linked thread above, it seems others have encountered this issue.

For us, we have important things we test involving production data and while most may not do this, having this option would help with this testing workflow and continuous integration/development.

Alternatively, we'd need to make changes outside of the application and direct to the database which we'd prefer not to do.

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