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need a skilled programmer to customize forum

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Hello everyone,

I need a skilled programmer who can create a few customizations, theme and plugin related. 

  • Need to create a Dashboard / Client Area (using Pages I guess) to use as home page for users signing up and singing up
  • Configure a few things using Pages, custom messages to be shown, redirect to specific page after sign up
  • And a few changes here and there that will probably be easy to do since they are simple
  • Create a plugin that will allow me to download all PDF invoices at once in a zip by filtering them by dates, also refunds
  • CSS and Style customizations of the products pages, checkout page and subscription plans. Thumbnails are too small, etc

All the modifications should support forthcoming IPS 4.5 version.

If you have the skills please send me a PM if you're interested.

Thanks for listening,

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