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Update YouTube Channel With Tutorials


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The Help Guides are not as "helpful" as I would like them to be. It is much easier to follow along with instructions when you can see them, visually, as in a video, as in the Invision Community YouTube Channel. For the love of all things holy, can you please add videos displaying things in your guide, especially the ones that are harder to achieve, such as Social Media Promotion/Login. Setting this up has been difficult. Especially when what I am seeing as screenshots in the Help Guide, does not match what I am actually seeing on Facebook. I understand you may not have someone available to make these videos, why not task someone in the community with the job, give them a year of free renewals for making videos for you. I'm sure someone would be willing to help.

Under Search Engine Optimization, the tab 'Meta Tags', I do not understand what this is for, when launching the 'Live Meta Tag Editor' what exactly do I change or edit, a video showing and explaining this would be very helpful.

Under 'Statistics / Activity / Keywords  .. I am not sure what this is for. When I click 'Manage Keyword Settings', what do I add for Keywords and why? I didn't find anything regarding this in the Help Guides. 

It would be great if someone could open up the ACP, start from the top, and go over each setting and explain what things do or what they are for? Update the Help Guides, or better yet, create YouTube videos. 


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