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Hide User Names from Guests (Support Topic)

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We noticed a few more places where the username is still displayed in plain text.

The username is transmitted via the photo description in Templates 'userPhoto' and 'userPhotoFromData' as well as in the Moderator and NewMember Bade (below Profile Photo).

Further on it is shown in 'application/ld+json'. However I am not sure it plugin is able to hide it there, hence it would be great.

It would be happy if you could have a look at the points and maybe update the plugin.


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16 minutes ago, GOM IT said:

Since we have updated our Invision Community to 4.6.3 there is a new there is new Link in the author field to all comments of an existing user.
When we hover over this we could see the profile name. Would it be possible to hide this link in the next version of this plugin? That would be great!

Interesting. You might want to first try to report that as a bug to IPS. 
Because if the profiles aren’t accessible to guests, those links should not even be links. It’s more an IPS problem. 

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On 4/12/2023 at 7:44 PM, Carl Zeiss GOM Metrology said:

The Plugin seems to be not compatible with Invision Community v4.7.9

There were too few sales to justify further development. Whoever has it already installed, can still continue to use it in the 4.x product line. I still use it myself on 4.7.9 and I am not aware of any serious issues with it. It’s just not being updated and officially supported on newer versions anymore. 

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