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Remove Last Seen

Dean Spencer

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18 hours ago, Dean Spencer said:

When you visit any profile you see this next to the content count and join date: https://prnt.sc/q926ny   I wanted to remove the Last Seen from being displayed. I remember it was just to delete a line in the theme templates but I dont remember where

core - front - profile - profileHeader

Find and remove

				<h4 class='ipsType_minorHeading'>{lang="members_last_visit"}</h4>
					{{if ( $member->isOnline() AND !$member->isOnlineAnonymously() ) OR ( $member->isOnlineAnonymously() AND \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->isAdmin() )}}
                    	<i class="fa fa-circle ipsOnlineStatus_online" data-ipsTooltip title='{{if $member->isOnlineAnonymously()}}{lang="online_now_anon" sprintf="$member->name"}{{elseif $member->isOnline()}}{lang="online_now" sprintf="$member->name"}{{endif}}'></i>
                    {{if $member->last_activity}}{datetime="$member->last_activity"}{{else}}{lang="never"}{{endif}}

and click save but remember doing this could make template not update as and when new updates been done to that template.

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