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I am inquiring about how to make a display feature like the one demonstrated like this one. I was wondering how would I go about making a display like this on my website specifically with all of the images and text. I was also wondering it would it be possible to create another page like this one. Any help would be appreciated. 


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The first page is pretty easy.  Almost all things are doable in the existing editor. 

- You will need the Pages app and create a database.  You should read through the IPS Help Guide on getting started with pages since it's a powerful app but can be overwhelming.  At the very basic, it allows the creation of content databases of records.  Those records can be anything; in your case, they would be articles.  

- The articles themselves are very doable using the Editor.  You will need to allow HTML posting for your account.  

- For images in the Editor, simply insert the images and then double click. That will allow you to resize and align the images.  That will give you the left justification and right justification of the photos.  

- For the horizontal bar refer to this HTML tutorial: 


(This is why you will need to enable HTML posting for your account).  

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