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Subscriptions- extending expiry time for a member

The Old Man

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I have a member who purchased a subscription for 1 year. Due to lack of other subscribers, I've now reduced the cost of my subscriptions by 50% and want to double/extend this membership. What is the best way to do this, please? How should you comp members?

I tried with another member who I previously gave a free subscription and it allowed me to just extend his sub simply by changing a date.

I tried with my paid subscriber and it marked him as inactive, so I used the + button on the subscription package page to try again, it offered about 4 confusing similarly worded options, and I think it just created another 1 year subscription but at no charge.

At least I think that's what's happened, I can't see the end column with the expiry date of the list of subscribers in AdminCP as it's cut off on my iPad and there are no scroll bars, it's even worse in portrait mode.



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