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Emoji Tab (Multiple clicks)


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When you click on the emoji tab while replying to a message, the emoji tab closes automatically when you press an emoji in the emoji list that opens. We have to do everything from the beginning to repeat, even from the same emojis. I think it would be more accurate to change this so that the emoji panel is always open so that it is possible to put more than one emoji.

Can we do this via themes, or software modification required?



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If you use Windows 10, just press the Windows button + . at the same time.

At least until a proper solution is found.

You can also type : then whatever emoji you want to display. 👍 👋 :happy:

Make sure you write straight after though, so like :thumb :wave :happy - I personally prefer to use the Windows 10 emoji board, as it I can add whatever I want. It will automatically convert to IPS emojis if there is one. 👍

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