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IPS Pages Page Builder like Divi Page Builder?

Lucas James

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I agree that if IPS wants to expand the user base of the suite, offering more CMS-like capabilities would be the way to go.

The only requirement I would think would to retain the ability to edit the visually-built pages by editing the source HTML/CSS code directly for those who have the skills to do so.

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I really hope that expanding CMS features and possibilities (like the one you mentioned) will be greatly expanded in IPS 5. Some things that immediately come to my mind:

  1. Easy to use. Creating pages, different page layouts and content should be as easy as possible. Do not require any coding-skills, use drag and drop, allow visual changes etc.
  2. Flexibility. While 1) is important, adding/editing code should always be possible.
  3. Advanced permissions system. It should be possible to show/hide any content item (pages, blocks, maybe even passages in content like articels...) to certain/all users.
  4. Monetization/paywalls. It would be great to have a flexible system that allowes to organise if/when/how content is being shown to certain users. Especially today where more and more content is being hidden behind paywalls (e.g. newspaper sites) -- which by the way are surprisingly well accepted, if the content has a certain quality --, this should also be possible in a CMS.
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