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Changed - Random Images Feature Request


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I have been hopeful the "RANDOM" filter would work as more images were placedinto the pull gallery, but it seems the pull is not random at all.  I get the images based upon the second filter which is for ascending or descending.


Is anyone else getting this to happen correctly and pull a random selection of 5x images from a category or multiple categories?

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I did submit a support request and the reply said to post it back here in the feedback section.  Basically this is the way the current block functions and support cannot assist.




Ronald Nielson

Oct 16, 5:53 AM EDT

I am trying to display a random selecytion of 5x images in the main section of a page. Seems to select an image and then from that time stamp select the next 4x images that are sequential to that time stamp. When I have 5x images uploaded to a single gallery at nearly the same time, all I get is those 5x images, nothing really random. Can you please assist me to get some thing more closely resembling "Random"?



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