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(Idea) Improved video gallery functionality (thumbnails etc)


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I realise the IPS gallery is primarily designed for pictures (especially as all media seems to be referred to as an image, regardless of whether it's a video or not), but I would love to see the functionality of the gallery expanded slightly to better accommodate video files. 

For example:

  • Automatically generating a thumbnail for a video file if none is selected, rather than just having a grey box to depict 'no thumbnail'
  • A timestamp to show duration of video
  • A standardised, built in video player (rather than using whatever is currently on a user's system) 
  • Video compression options

I am certainly not expecting all of these features, but you get what I'm saying - the gallery has the potential to be a truly great multimedia experience, but right now the video element seems a little tacked on.

As the internet increasingly shifts towards video content (with an estimated 80% of all internet traffic expected to be video by next year) I would love to see IPS adapt its gallery more to improve the video experience. 

Thanks for all your hard work developing the software. 

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