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When guest publishing permission is enabled, 21 additional requests to external servers are added to load the CKEeditor. This provides a significant slowdown in site loading speeds - more than 25 points in PSI test measurements.
Here is an example of all additional requests.

Please look for a normal solution - this solution that you use is appalling.

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This issue is not in the CKEditor, but in the reCaptcha.
After many analyzes of the CKEditor, I decided and stopped a recaptcha in my site. Site loading speed is restored as very good with CKEditor enabled.

After turn off the recaptcha and do a test,  for me is OK.

I see in tests that this site does not use a recaptcha, too ... And this issue does not exist here.
It's weird that you offer this feature to prevent Spam, but you don't use it.

Why we need to waste time analyzing too poorly performing function from external servers ....

It is very disappointing ...

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