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clean up Search listing for databases


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I've mentioned this before, but I'm hoping a future update will include a somewhat cleaner listing for different databases in the default search interface.

As it stands right now, if you have several different databases e.g., one for "learning resources," one for "reviews," one for "articles," another for "entries," and if you use any of these nouns over more than one database (e.g. if you have several different DBs with "articles" on something or other), when you browse the Search in menu it can get rather messy.  Moreover, for those of us who use DBs more extensively than others, there is no indication which database one is searching in!  That is, if you have three different DBs which have "articles," when you browse Search in all you see are three different options called "Articles" which do not specify which DB that option points to.

Might I suggest a more graceful organisational approach to this for DBs, such as something like a "Databases" flyout menu which lists all the "articles," "reviews," "entries" iterations (or whatever) along with the DB name?

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