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Friendly URLs for non default applications


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I have two forums runing forums as default application with custom URLs :



I removed "forum" from path because the first community is installed in forum.wearefpv.fr/ and the second in lesimprimantes3d.fr/forum/ so that the word forum is not redundant.

Everything works well.

Now, I would like to have System/Content Discovery as default application but when I activate it, it puts back forum in the path of the URL.

The interface suggests that we can change this parameter again:

But when I save it puts back forum again...


That's really weird and if when I switch back to Forums as application default "toto" stays in the URL :D

Why does the interface let us modify an option that it's not possible to change?

More importantly, why is this URL change not warned when switching from one default application to another? it's very dangerous for the SEO...

And finally, why not leave the choice to modify the URLs of those non application default ? 

I understand that "/" that points to forums application when it's default will point to discover when System/Content discover will be default. In this case I just would like to have /category for the forums application root (only, not forum topic and others sub URLs).

More over, it would also allow me to translate gallery in french. Actually if I replace gallery by gallerie dans l'URL it puts "gallery/gallerie/category/{#category}-{?}"...

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