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We have over 800 articles made with Pages. After upgrade from 3.4.X to 4.4.X IPS has changed the canonical URL of the articles.

Old: http://example.com/database/category/article
New: http://example.com/database/category/article/

But there is no redirect, both URLs serve the same content. We experience SEO difficulties serving same content under different URLs. How do we create a 301 redirect for the old URLs?

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Add in your htaccess file this

//301 Redirect Old File
Redirect 301 http://example.com/database/category/article http://example.com/database/category/article/

or for nginx

# nginx configuration location Old { rewrite ^(.*)$ File redirect; } location http://example.com/database/category/article { rewrite ^(.*)$ http://example.com/database/category/article/ redirect; }


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1 minute ago, Adlago said:

Try this

We have over 800 articles in the database. And also old parameters like ?st=30 on the old links. We cannot do redirect on every single article with every single parameter as you suggest. There should be a common solution for all our articles URLs without parameters

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