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Append Application URL to Base URL


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Hey there,

I have a small question about the URL the main logo points to.
In the template "logo" href attribute is set with {setting="base_url"}. I now want to change that link within some (or all) applications to link back to that app and not to the root path/ default app. So if I'm in the forum I want to get /forum, in the gallery /gallery and e.g. in the calendar the link should be /calendar (the blog application is our default app).

Is there any way to do this with stock IPS features or would this require some coding?

Thanks in advance for any help

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{{$app = \IPS\Dispatcher::i()->application->directory;}}
{{$url = $app != 'core' ? "app={$app}" : 'app=core&module=discover&controller=streams';}}
<a href='{url="{$url"}' .....>

This works in all apps but the core, which would go to the contact us form. That's why I put the URL to the activity stream in there.

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