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Is this a shopping cart bug?

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Could someone guide me whether its a shopping cart bug or something I'm missing in the IPS Commerce?

  • Product A: $100
  • Product B: $200
  • Product C: $500

Scenario: for Product C: if a user has already purchased product A and/or B; or have product A and/or B in the cart, then the price of product C becomes $400 – i.e. they save $100 (the discounts are all setup in product C > Pricing > Discounts > Set discounts > Previous Purchase Discounts or Sale Discounts).

Process: The user now adds product C to their cart – everything in the cart shows good; i.e. the discounts are applied.

Bug: Before checkout, while still on the cart page, the user decides to drop product A and/or B, and wish to checkout with product C only. Therefore, they delete the product A and/or B in the cart page leaving behind product C only; however, after the removal of product A and/or B, the price of product C does not return to its original value of $500, instead it remains as $400 despite refreshing the cart page or cleaning the IPS cache through Support tool or clearing browser's history/cache/cookies/temp files or clearing any database overheads, etc.

Someone ever noticed this before? Any idea how to fix this?

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