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Issues with custom login handler

Maya Andersen

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I’m trying to create a custom login handler.

I have an old one for 3.x that kinda worked for 4.x, but it doesn’t seem very nice implemented. I want to override as little methods as possible.

I’m using these guides as an entry point:



To the handler I need to add these custom things:

  • Some custom cookies need to be set on login

  • On user creation some custom db methods needs to be called

  • When changing password and e-mail som custom db methods needs to called.

My first stop is this in the first link from above: ”Create a class for your login handler using the skeleton below. You will need to set an appropriate value for $allowMultiple (see above more information) and return the key for the language string you just created in the getTitle() method.”

I probably have more questions. But the first is: Where in the structure do I create this class and how to I name the file? Is it somewhere in my custom app folder or is it \system\Login, where my old login handler was placed. It kinda makes sense to have it in the application, so that it can be disabled on debugging. But where?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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