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  1. I’m trying to create a custom login handler. I have an old one for 3.x that kinda worked for 4.x, but it doesn’t seem very nice implemented. I want to override as little methods as possible. I’m using these guides as an entry point: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/members-authentication/login-methods/introduction-to-login-methods-r172/ https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/members-authentication/login-methods/creating-a-usernamepassword-handler-r174/ To the handler I need to add these custom things: Some custom cookies need to be set on login On user creation some custom db methods needs to be called When changing password and e-mail som custom db methods needs to called. My first stop is this in the first link from above: ”Create a class for your login handler using the skeleton below. You will need to set an appropriate value for $allowMultiple (see above more information) and return the key for the language string you just created in the getTitle() method.” I probably have more questions. But the first is: Where in the structure do I create this class and how to I name the file? Is it somewhere in my custom app folder or is it \system\Login, where my old login handler was placed. It kinda makes sense to have it in the application, so that it can be disabled on debugging. But where? Thank you in advance for your help. ❤️
  2. The paging with 301 redirect seem to work fine, but the canonical does not seem to work here: https://www.eroguide.dk/forum/forum/53-hyggesnak/page/2/?sortby=start_date&sortdirection=desc It writes: https://www.eroguide.dk/forum/forum/53-hyggesnak/page/2/?sortby=start_date&sortdirection=desc Instead of: https://www.eroguide.dk/forum/forum/53-hyggesnak/page/2/ Is that correct behaviour or am I just missing a setting?
  3. I just updated to 4.3.3, because I saw this line in the release notes: "Fixes an issue where Calendar events submitted in different timezones to the user may show at the wrong time.". I thought maybe that fix would fix our issue too. It just hasn't. I have updated the cache, but still this issue is present.
  4. Hi! We have an issue in one of our forums, where on a post it fx. says "Written 31 minutes ago"(translated from Danish), but when you hover the same text with the mouse you get a date and time popup that is 2 hours ahead of the actual time in Denmark. So there seem to be a timezone issue. It seems like something that has occurred after having updating to one of the latest stable forum releases(4.3.0-4.3.2). I had the same kind of issue - the other day - when pulling a post's date using the REST-api. Temporarily I have solved that by accessing the unix timestamp directly in the database with custom code and database access, instead of accessing the date string I get from the REST-api. It is probably a configuration issue, but I cannot figure out where to fix it. Please help. Thank you so much in advance. ❤️ Maya
  5. Thank you Daniel. I forgot to say here that I did find the answer and posted it a third place her in the forum. Thank you for your time. May I advise you to keep the previous more intuitive approach somewhere too.
  6. I need help for this too. It was a part of ACP earlier, but now it is gone. Very annoying ?
  7. Hi! It seems like that on banned profiles there tend to be a "Latest visit" date/time that is far behind the actual last visit. In this case the user was banned at 25. February, 2018 where the last listed visit also is shown. However on the top the profile the "Last visit" date/time says "16. September, 2017" which is way way back. Am I/our visitors misunderstanding what "Latest visit" means? or is there a bug? Thanks for any help you can give! ❤️ Maya
  8. Okay. I hoped there would be a temporary fix. This is kinda a very annoying bug. It seem like stable 4.3 is behind schedule so who know when it will come online.
  9. Hi! The users on our website running IPS forum noticed during this weekend that when entering a users message thread in the forum inbox, it does not scroll down to the bottom(latest message) like it used to. So you have to scroll down manually. It seems the inbox on invisioncommunity.com does the same. I did just update the forum to the last stable version this Friday. So it has probably started since then. Is it an undescribed feature or a bug? Please help! <3
  10. I ask here if others may have had the problem or get the problem. But okay.
  11. What is going wrong when this template part in forumRow-template: {datetime="$lastPost['date']"} in forumRow-template Returns: <time datetime="2017-09-05T11:45:05Z" title="05-09-2017 13:45 " data-short="%d hours"> 5 hours ago </time> Instead of: <time datetime="2017-09-05T11:45:05Z" title="05-09-2017 13:45 " data-short="5 hours"> 5 hours ago </time> The forumrow-template seems to be correctly up to date with the one from the update. Also: \system\DateTime\DateTime.php is up-to-date. I cannot figure out where to look to fix it? I think the problem came after we updated to 4.2.3 yesterday.
  12. Hi Tracy! A good question. Here is MySql's answer: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/option-files.html Basically it looks like there can be more possible locations on Windows. In my Xampp install on windows the mysql_installservice.bat file creates a windows service where the location is set to the "mysql/bin/my.ini" location using the option "--defaults-file", which is one of the examples how to do it. <3 Maya
  13. Hi! I just have some extra information to add to this. I just wanted to know how it really worked. The permanent solution to this would be to change 'ft_min_word_len' in mysql.ini which IPS 4 manually reads to use for it's own kind of full text search. It is not a native mysql full text search. 'ft_min_word_len' is not in ini as default, and it's default is '4'. You will have to add it in the [mysqld] section. If you don't have access to mysql.ini you can hack/override this function instead: termAsWordsArray() in \forum\system\Content\Search\Query.php Comment/delete the lines that checks for 'ft_min_word_len' in mysql.ini, and make sure the default stated further down is up to your needs. I my case the min default was 3 as needed I am currently using
  14. Hi Lindy! Is it possible to get an update on this. We have many current users that is currently actively requesting it. So please give a better time frame. Thx in advance. Maya
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