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This might be a bad idea I'm not really sure, however it is I think valid feedback so only appropriate I post it. 🙂

I found myself reading a multipage topic a short time ago and realising I was on the second page (this would apply to any topic really that spans multiple pages) , I wanted to click on the title text to go to the first page.

I'm well aware of the pagination links 🙂 Although it almost seemed instinctive to click the large neat topic title text for this.

They say a pic speaks a thousand words so picking a multipage topic at random, it was the one I was reading but its content is not relevant to the feedback provided here:


It could be said that the date here aka "April 4, 2018" could be linked to the start instead, but something almost as I say "instinctive" made me want to click the title here.

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