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Stephen Bruce

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I'm looking for an MP3 player that will work with the Downloads app so users can upload an MP3 preview with the songs they are uploading for sale.

I was hoping for something similar to Beatport where the player appears at the bottom when you click any of the song previews


Is there a way to do this or can any custom design it for me and how much would it cost?

Thanks, Ste 

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Excellent Nathan! Actually I've managed to add an extra field in the Downloads app so users can upload a preview file but currently it just adds a link so you need to download the preview MP3. So i just need something that will automatically convert that MP3 link into a player like the one you have shown above


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Ok, well I'm happy to buy your plugin if it will work for me. Here's screenshots of the extra field settings (there's not many options) and how the preview currently appears on the downloads page. The preview is in a separate part underneath instead of in the description box, as I want people to be able to upload through the site instead of having to upload elsewhere and paste the mp3 link. Can you confirm if your plugin will do what I need it to do?



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5 minutes ago, Stephen Bruce said:

Can you confirm if your plugin will do what I need it to do?

I can guarantee that the plugin will have zero effect on that field, as it is not designed to do so - it is designed to process Content fields only, and will change the content displayed in the 'Description' of the Download, which is what is shown in my screenshot above.

Someone who has Downloads might be able to help you with a theme edit to change how that 'Preview' custom field is displayed, if it is possible.

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ah damn, ok Nathan. The search continues then haha. I'm new to the forums so not sure who to ask at the moment. Any ideas or alternative solutions? Any help is appreciated

I would settle for the player appearing in the description like in your screenshot, but how can they upload the preview? Can it be done on site or would they need to upload elsewhere and paste a link?

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9 minutes ago, Stephen Bruce said:

If I buy your plugin, how do i install it?

ACP -> System -> (Site Features) Plugins

Changing the colour of the player is outside of the scope of support, sorry - I'm not sure if the <video> and <audio> HTML5 tags can be modified with custom CSS.

If you do purchase the plugin and have issues with it, please use the support topic (which you posted in yesterday)

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