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This is the support / feedback topic for the Fake Content Generator application.

Please be aware that this is a free development resource. I will do my best to provide support when I can, but please be considerate and patient when it comes to updates. Third party contributions are welcome, please contact me if you would like to contribute (as I do not currently have any official contribution guidelines).

Repository: https://dev.taiga.sh/makoto/IPS-Faker
License:  Mozilla Public License 2.0


@AndyF thanks for your review and for highlighting the issue with topic post generation. I've documented the issue and applied a fix for it now that will be introduced in the next version,

In theory, the first call in the try statement should work, but it throws an exception in my local development environment.

I'm thinking this might be because my local development sites board name is just a private IP address and not an actual domain name, and this might be causing issues with the parser (as rich embeds do not seem to work on my local dev environment either), so I added a slightly hacky fallback to just manually grab the ID from URL's and load them that way if this fails and that seems to work fine.

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Thank you! 🙂

I cannot currently test the dev version (its a long story) but I'm happy to await it to be packaged up so I can, if its a few weeks so be it. 🙂

I do use a real domain name on my dev board if its any help ? Although its in a sub directory aka : /IPS43 in this case . Testboard is not on 44 yet as I need to sort out the other bits/pieces on there first to be sure they will work on php7.1 instead of php7.0

EDIT... Off topic but the rich embeds may possibly be due to no outbound access and/or it trying to grab external resources js etc (I'm guessing on this)

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