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Activation e-mail


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18 hours ago, Remorse said:

I've got a pay xxx@mycompany.com e-mail adresss wich is from G suite (Google domains)


How can I make Invision forum send messages with my e-mail adresss noreply@mycompany.com ???

In 4.4, you can visit the AdminCP notifications configuration area to request notification of new registrations.

18 hours ago, Remorse said:


You know wich is the IPB 4.4.0  0Auth2 Client ID

To allow IPB app  use my e-mail by SMPT?

I need to allow IPB to acces to my google accoint while putting in on a white list.

Our email handling does not support OAuth-style authentication I'm afraid. For SMTP, you need to supply the age-old host, port, username and password values.

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