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  1. The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: undefined. When I add a video and it try to embed. Error happens.
  2. How do I enable certain prefixes in my board. Example Section : Market Place. PREFIXES : [WTB] [WTS]
  3. How I make acces to my IPB only for Registered users?
  4. I'm able to pay for someone who can make my wishes come true!
  5. Yea but I'm looking for one wich allows me to show guests and members for the last 7 days
  6. I understand you thats why I'm not wanna use Who Was Online and I'm writting to find the proper Widget wich allows me to show online members and guests for the last 7 days
  7. How to set up to show last 7 days online users and also the guests?
  8. any advice wich sql querys to use to show last 10 active topics?
  9. This are my 10 recently posts on forum. I want to do the same info, and share it on my website like the 10 last active posts
  10. We want to show it on our website not in forum
  11. Why when I lf a date to display on my website its displayed like this : 1551181916 POST USER DATE Class balance system | Remorse | 1551181916 I'm trying to find information from mysql To show : last active post and the username and date any help? ssql query
  12. Is it possible to add a widget of IPB to your website where the can see the lasts posts???? Like for example discord widget?
  13. If I use G suite SMPT it says this error IPS\Email\Outgoing\Exception: smtpmail_fsock_error_initial (0)
  14. I'm interested too on this. This is the default code. <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsWidget_title'> {lang="block_whowasonline"} {{if $orientation == 'horizontal'}} &nbsp;<span class='ipsType_light ipsType_unbold ipsType_medium'>{lang="who_was_online_last_x" sprintf="$hour" pluralize="$memberCount"}</span> {{endif}} </h3> <div class='ipsWidget_inner ipsPad'> {{if $memberCount}} <ul class='ipsList_inline ipsList_csv ipsList_noSpacing'> {{if \IPS\Settings::i()->who_was_online_photo}} {{if \IPS\Settings::i()->who_was_online_photo_size == 0}} {{foreach $members as $row}} {template="userPhoto" app="core" params="\IPS\Member::load( $row['member_id'] ), 'tiny'" group="global"} {{endforeach}} {{endif}} {{if \IPS\Settings::i()->who_was_online_photo_size == 1}} {{foreach $members as $row}} {template="userPhoto" app="core" params="\IPS\Member::load( $row['member_id'] ), 'medium'" group="global"} {{endforeach}} {{endif}} {{else}} {{foreach $members as $row}} <li>{template="userLinkFromData" group="global" app="core" params="$row['member_id'], $row['name'], $row['members_seo_name'], $row['member_group_id']"}</li> {{endforeach}} {{endif}} </ul> {{if $orientation == 'vertical' and $memberCount > 60}} <p class='ipsType_medium ipsType_reset'> <a href='{url="app=core&module=online&controller=online" seoTemplate="online"}'>{lang="and_x_others" pluralize="$memberCount - 60"}</a> </p> {{endif}} {{if $stat !== false && $orientation!='vertical'}} <hr> &nbsp;&nbsp;<span class='ipsType_light ipsType_unbold ipsType_medium'>{$stat|raw}</span> {{endif}} {{else}} <p class='ipsType_reset ipsType_medium ipsType_light'>{lang="who_was_online_users_empty"}</p> {{endif}} </div> ¿Can somebody add Guests on it? So I can copy/paste
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