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Changing passwords question

Genma Saotome

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I'm still running 3.4 software.  I want to update a few old passwords and I am unsure how to go about it. 

The first one is member #1, our software bot.  I believe this handles all scheduled activities.  I see I can change its password in the ACP but if I do so will that negatively affect execution of any of its processes?  AFAIK this password has not been changed in 15 years.

The second password(s) are the read and write passwords for the database.  I don't see anything in the ACP for this so am I correct this is a task for the DBA?

What I don't know about either of these is how does a password change in just one place work? Both items I describe above seem to be recording the expected password.  But where/how do the automated processes obtain that required string?

Any help explaining this will be greatly appreciated.

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#1 is just the first account that was setup and is the 'main' admin...it's not running any processes so you can go ahead and change the password.

#2 correct, talk to your DBA. And then edit your conf_global.php to update the password there to the new one.

Re: the last paragraph...password change for the first account isn't going to affect anything so you don't need to worry about changing it elsewhere. And #2 answers the concern for the second account.

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