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After upgrade to 4.4.x some photo threads are very slow

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I noticed that after upgrading to 4.4.x Photo Threads with many pages load extremely slow. Much slower than with version 4.3. 

In version 4.3 it took max. 1-2 seconds, in version 4.4.x much longer. 

This is the thread e.g. https://www.polar-chat.de/hunde/topic/86602-euer-lieblingsbild-des-tages/

Lazy Load = on

Remote images = no difference whether all or only insecure

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On 3/6/2019 at 4:49 PM, bfarber said:

I encountered a server level 500 ISE error (i.e. not one output by the software) visiting that link. I suspect there is something else at play causing the slowness. You may need to contact your host for assistance.

Hmm ... I don't get a server level 500 error. Can't you see the thread?

The problem that this topic loads very, very slowly actually occurred only the second I had updated to version 4.4.x.

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It is loading for me now, albeit a little slowly as you mentioned.

This wouldn't have to do with lazy load because the slowness is with the TTFB, i.e. the time between the request being made and the server starting to respond. Lazy load or not would only impact once the server starts responding.

Unfortunately just visiting the page cannot tell me why it's slow, and there are many factors at play. I would start by running the support tool and disabling all third party things (theme, plugins, applications) and testing again to rule out anything like that being the culprit. You may wish to ask your host to check for any slow MySQL queries as well. You may also wish to check your system logs to ensure no errors are being reported (such as timeout attempting to call a remote page, which would cause something like this).

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