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Possible solution for upgrade banner


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As I've seen in the P-2-P forums about the upgrade banner on the front end, despite it only showing for those with ACP access , some do not wish it to display.

I can see this from IPS's side too in that not everyone lives in their ACP so when an upgrade is available, it is only right that reasonable steps are taken to ensure the client is aware of this.

After a little bit of thought on the issue, I wanted to make a very small suggestion that could if it was implemented possibly be the "best of both worlds" and keep everyone happy:


The 'banner' should have an 'X' on it to dismiss it *however* (and this is the main important thing) the dismissal should *only* last for say an hour or two or perhaps that session if a hard time limit is not practical. A time limit however does seem more appropriate. This way IPS will ensure 'its seen' and also the client will be able to hide it albeit temporarily if it annoys them. I want to say if the site has multiple admins it should not hide it from all of them, merely the one who choose's to dismiss/hide it. Perhaps a cookie or such could be set to do this.

I want to point out it does not personally bother me being on display, I merely wanted to try to find and post a little bit of potentially helpful feedback and an idea.

Thanks. 😄

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