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File Storage system - need your voice!


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I do not know how to persuade IPB developers to put File Storage in order, maybe it will turn out if we ask together?

Problem:  Current system is not complete, is not logical and causes bewilderment at its use.

We have base folder for files (any types), /uploads, but we have no clear structure of data storage. Some "system" folder like emoticons and profile hardcoded, u can't change or move it to folder with another name. Some systems store the data in different folders - blog, for exmpl.  Blog post attachments save in Post monthly folders (if set), but other blog items (header photo) in blog subfolder (if set). Some subsystem don't have owm storage, like PM.

I want to offer more correct system of storage:

1. Any application like core, forums, user application has own storage system and these systems are never crossed.
2. Any subspplication like PM, profile, etc has own storage system and these systems are never crossed. Subapplicaton - its any subsystem which writes something to storage.
3. System part like jscript, resources, css has own folders. Can initially be appointed by the developer, but later be freely changed by user
4. All folders, without exception, can be called somehow and moved to any place. 
5. No hardcoded string! 

I made a similar system on 3.x version, having completely rewritten this part of a engine, everything worked perfectly, easy backuped and easy administered. I looked at source codes, in my opinion its not difficult to remake current FileStorage and get a reliable, clear and convenient system.

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