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Only 1 reply per topic allowed in Certain Forums


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I'm preparing to create a new community next month and someone pointed me out that this options would make my life much easier as administrator and moderator of the new community. I checked the marketplace and I couldn't find something already made.

So, if someone is interested in adding this feature to an existing widget or create a new one, I would gladly buy it. Unfortunately I can't afford for the custom work, and I'm aware it's a "stupid" requirement, but "Alas" 😞

As the title says, I need a way to limit the number of replies in certain forums for specific groups. The bottom line and reason for this modification is to limit even more the reply options for regular users. in favor of users who subscribed and paid.  By limiting regular users to 1 reply per topic in specific forums, I will be encouraging registered users to pay for a small fee and become subscribers. Not necessary to limit per forum basis, but in general: just an option to select the forums with restricted privileges, the list of groups which are restricted and the max number of replies allowed. 

In specific forums, a regular user (free user) should be able to reply only once, while the rest of users ( advanced users ) should be able to reply as normal. Once the member in the group has already replied once in the topic, He should read a language bit showing a custom message, for example: "you have already replied in this topic, if you want to participate please subscribe". An Url would be nice too, so users could click and redirect them to a form so they can pay. 


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